Kat Von D Feitsh EyeShadow Palette Review

Image via Sephora

Having makeup as a gift is honestly one of the most exciting things. Especially when it is something that you have never tried. The clean box and untouched palette inside. That is how it felt receiving the Fetish Kat Von D Eye Shadow Palette. Seriously. That thing is gothly glamorous.

  • What you will have is a huge selection of 24 shades.
  • The packaging again is gorgeous with a giant mirror.
  • The fun dirty names for these shades(oh you know I have bondage, latex, and sex on my eyes no big deal)

image via KatVonDBeauty

As I started working with it, the biggest concern was the fall out (as t swift would say “shake it off”.) Moving on, the blending was absolutely horrendous. The more you add the worse it got and then you had blotchy mixture of colors that ended up making your eyes have a smokey gray look at the end. Specifically the beautiful looking purple shade called Kink looked like a partially dry marker on white paper and stayed like that. There was no fixing it. Chastity a chunky looking gold that looked like it would work with a setting spray would disappear as soon you as you applied. To keep this short and simple they were not pigmented and would just wear out after awhile. The only colors that were very fun and looked great were the Cuffs (a silver shimmer), Safe Word (nude pink) and Sex (mustard yellow). Everyone has different reviews on these colors and if it works for you GREAT. If not, I am so sorry and I share your disappointment.

With all controversy aside. This is about the makeup not the person. With all the other collections and items released by Kat Von D that has been on point. This has been by far the worst palette created by this line. I am not holding back due to the fact that originally this item was $63.00 and now on sale for $31.50 on her webpage. What are your thoughts? Am I right or losing my mind?


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Determiningg the right time to put up a Christmas tree is easy. Holger Langmaier / EyeEm / Getty Imageshttps://www.thoughtco.com/when-to-put-up-christmas-tree-542171

The week before the holidays.

Well It’s that wonderful time of the year… Sort of. Along with the excitement of seeing family and the stress of shopping. How Can you get by without losing your mind? You may shopping earlier during the year will help. Does it really though? Last time I checked everyone says that but still manages to procrastinate. All I can say to everyone is good luck, be safe wherever you are, and do not steal boxes from doors.